Upholstered base for the bed of your dreams

Elegant, robust and in a Nordic style. Our Morfeo upholstered base is the perfect support for your bed.


The perfect height

Elegant with Nordic style

Frequent questions

1What is the height of the Upholstered Base?

The total height of the upholstered base is 28cm from the floor to the top. The upholstered base alone measures 5cm and the Nordic legs are 13cm

2How many legs does the Upholstered Base have?

According to the width of the base from the measure 135x190 it has two additional central legs, that is, 4 in each corner plus 2 in the center

3How is the upholstered base mounted?

It's super simple, you just have to screw the legs into the corners of the base board and .. Voila! All ready for sleep

4Can I use the Morfeo Upholstered Base with other mattresses?

Of course, without problem our base can be used with other mattresses that you already have at home

5What size can I choose?

If you already have a mattress at home, you have to take the same measurement of the mattress that you want to put on top. If you are at that moment in your life where you have decided to change it, choose the largest bed that enters the room, you will thank us on hot summer nights.

6What material is the upholstered base made of?

In the upper part it has breathable and non-slip fabric so it prevents the mattress from moving. The interior wood is perforated to facilitate air circulation and also has a lower structure with central bars to make it very resistant.

7Upholstered bases of large sizes

The upholstered bases of large measures such as those of 160x200 180x200 and 200x200 we send them divided in half so that they can fit through the doors. They are joined in the middle with plates to leave both parts together.

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