Premium textile very soft to the touch


Strong and robust


Reinforced corners to avoid damage


Easy assembly

Designed to improve the support of your mattress

Soft and warm fabric for your bed

Premium upholstery that makes your bedroom a cozy and elegant place
Reinforced corners to protect your pimples

The strong and silent support so you can sleep peacefully

Base made of pine wood, you will not have any sound at night while moving. Simply easy and durable support for your mattress. It also has a non-slip fabric on top so that the mattress does not move. It also has reinforcement

Sleeping well has never been so easy


Elegant and practical

Robust structure, which perfectly supports the weight while we sleep.










Frequent questions

1What is the Upholstered Base made of?
The base is made of 16mm chipboard pine wood. It is reinforced with a foam to avoid friction in the corners, it is also upholstered with high quality textile to make an elegant base for your bedroom.
2What is the height of the base?
The total height from the ground to the top of the base is 24cm. If you wonder when they measure the legs separately they are 15cm and the base 9cm
3Large base measurements?
The upholstered bases of large sizes such as 160x200, 180x200 and 200x200 are sent divided in half so that they can fit through the doors. They are joined in the middle with plates to leave both parts together. Don't worry, our assemblers will leave everything ready at home.
4What is the measure of the upholstered base that I have to choose?
If you already have a mattress at home, you have to take the same measure of the mattress that you want to put on top. If you are in that moment of your life where you have decided to change it, choose the largest bed that enters the room, you will thank us on hot summer nights