Mattress Protector



Natural Bamboo Fibers

Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic effect
impermeable protector de cama

Stain protection

Maximum waterproofing and hyper-breathable


Greater thermal insulation
suave protector de cama

Extra softness

Very pleasant to the touch and very thin

Extra soft and very thin.

Keep your mattress protected thanks to the properties of bamboo fiber

  • Breathable and cool fabric.

  • Protect your bed from stains thanks to its absorbent layer.

  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

  • No chemical additives.

Frequently asked questions

1What does it mean that it is made of Bamboo?
Bamboo is a natural material extracted from bamboo poles (sustainable plantations) and has natural properties such as moisture absorption, breathability and thermoregulation.
2Why is it antibacterial?
When we sleep we produce humidity and heat, which encourages the appearance of bacteria and fungi. With natural materials such as bamboo that have antibacterial properties that delay the growth of these in our bed, in a natural way and without chemical additives
3Is the protector waterproof?
The protector is waterproof, retains liquids or sweat stains on the surface and does not allow it to penetrate the mattress
4Is it noticeable when sleeping?
This point is very important, we know that when we sleep we do not want to hear or feel anything, that is why our protector is so thin that you will not even notice it is there.

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