I - Period.

The period for receiving entries in the contest will begin on May 22, 2019 at the time of publication of the promotion post, and will end on May 31, 2019 at 00:00 .

II.- Participants.

All those people who have an account on Facebook or Instagram in Spain can participate in the contest. That follow Colchón Morfeo on social networks, like the publication and mention two friends with the tag #SorteoMorfeo It's that simple!

III.- Awards.

2 Morpheus pillows worth € 65 each will be assigned.
The assignment will be made under the criteria of the Morfeo team, which will carry out a raffle with all participants.
The participant will have to follow @ColchonMorfeo on Facebook and @colchonmorfeo on Instagram, like the publication and mention two friends with the tag #SorteoMorfeo
Morfeo reserves the right for any of the prizes to be void in the event that the winning participant or the reserves do not meet the requirements cited in these bases or renounce the same; or there are not enough entries.
Limited to one prize per person. In no case may it be exchanged for its cash value. And this draw is only valid within Spanish territory.

IV.- Mechanics of participation.

In order to participate, it will be necessary for the contestants to participate through one of the following social networks:
· - In the social network FACEBOOK:
They should follow @ColchonMorfeo, like the post and mention two friends with the hashtag #SorteoMorfeo. If you do not meet any of these conditions, participation will not be valid.
No entries will be accepted outside of the promotional post.
· On the INSTAGRAM social network:
They should follow @colchonmorfeo, like the post and mention two friends with the hashtag #SorteoMorfeo. If you do not meet any of these conditions, participation will not be valid.
Contestants are responsible for the content they upload and comments they publish, stating that said content does not infringe the intellectual property rights or image of third parties, that they do not violate third parties and, likewise, that they exonerate Morfeo from any liability to the respect.
Entries must comply with the rules of the page and be published within the promotional period.
The username with which the interested party participates will be used to send said contestant any communication that may be necessary to communicate in relation to the draw, including - where appropriate - the designation of said participant as the winner. The non-receipt by the winner of the messages addressed to him through the social network in which he has participated, whatever the cause, will exempt Morfeo from any responsibility in this regard, having no obligation to use means of notification. alternative. This is: Morfeo will comply with its obligation in good faith by sending all communications through Facebook and Instagram and the participant agrees to periodically verify her profile.

V. Intellectual property.

By the mere fact of participating, the contestant declares and publicly and solemnly declares that he is the author of the content he publishes, or the legitimate owner of the intellectual property rights of said content, for having obtained the transfer of said rights, including but not limited to, but not limited to, the rights of reproduction, distribution, transformation, advertising and commercial exploitation, exhibition and public communication.

VI. Contents.

The participant must not publish content (texts or photos) that threaten or are likely to violate morality, ethics, good taste or decorum, or that infringe, violate or infringe intellectual or industrial property rights, or the right in the image of third parties, and we must warn you of the consequences and responsibilities that may be incurred if you make an illegal or fraudulent use of them. Colchones Morfeo will act immediately in the event of a complaint or suspicion that infringements of intellectual property rights may be taking place, violations of the right to the image of people that appear involuntarily or without their authorization, or before any content that may be considered inappropriate and will proceed to eliminate it immediately, being able to request the permanent blocking of the offending user.
Morfeo declines all responsibility for the consequences that the voluntary, consented and deliberate exhibition by the user of his comments, photos or images and those of his family environment may lead to himself, his family, friends and / or relatives, or other third parties, or of the dissemination or exhibition of the same by you or by third parties, or its reproduction, even on other web pages, blogs, social networks or in any other means, support or modality of digital exploitation or not, online or offline. Therefore, the contestant will respond directly, holding Morfeo harmless, to any claim, complaint or demand from third parties in relation to the violation or infringement of possible rights that may arise from the texts or materials that a user has published.
The publication, exhibition or display of photographs, images or texts is not subject to any guarantee of confidentiality, or the right to privacy, as the contestant consciously and voluntarily decides that they are public, so it will be accessible to anyone visiting Facebook or Instagram.

VII. Other rules of use.

Offensive comments, insults, threats, foul language, degrading content or disqualifications towards our products and services, brands, human team or other members of the community will not be accepted. In the same way, advertising comments about our competition, both explicit and covert, will be eliminated or restricted, since we consider that this is not the appropriate place to receive this type of information. The Morfeo team will have the last power to delete any publication that in its opinion does not fit the types of content we want. Morfeo reserves the right to resolve, according to its interpretation, those aspects not contemplated in these bases.

VIII. Prize allocation mechanics.

On June 1, 2019, once the promotion is over, a raffle will be held to choose the 2 winners from among all the participants who have participated within the promotion period.
Entries will be managed and tracked through the EasyPromos tool with which entries that have used the hashtag #SorteoMorfeo on Instragram as well as comments on the Facebook post will be collected.
Morfeo will contact the winners through the social network with which they have participated (Facebook or Instagram) in order to deliver the prize. In the case of no response, they will be tried once more the next day. If it is impossible to locate any of them, Morpheus will address the first substitute and so on until the award is awarded or declared void. Once Morfeo notifies the winners of obtaining the corresponding prize, they will have a maximum period of 24 hours to provide the required information. If they do not answer, the prize will go to the corresponding substitute.
Morfeo reserves the right not to deliver the award to a winner if it is found that there has been fraud, manipulation, malicious activity or conduct, or that he has breached any of the requirements established in these rules.

IX. Personal data.

The participants in the promotion unequivocally consent that, in the event of being winners, their personal data (name and surname) may be communicated to third parties by dissemination through the means that Morfeo deems most convenient.
The personal data requested from the winners will be incorporated into a temporary file owned by Morfeo, the sole purpose of which will be to manage the delivery of the prizes, and will be blocked or destroyed within a period of two months from the end date of the lottery.

X. No binding.

Neither Facebook nor Instagram sponsor, endorse or administer