Frequent questions


Do you have questions about our mattress?

What is Morfeo?

Our team of sleep experts has simplified the way you shop for a mattress.

We have created the perfect combination of materials for you to choose the one that best suits you. After years of research in the sector, what we have seen is that everyone talks about extravagant materials that we do not know what they are for, others attack us with discounts because they do not know how to sell their mattresses, forget about we simplify the process for you.

There is a science to sleep and we have created it for you. Our team of leading innovation experts carefully designs each product so that all you care about is sleeping peacefully.

How the mattress arrives at my home?

The mattress arrives rolled up and in a box, you only need to leave it for 72 hours so that it takes its natural shape and then to enjoy those naps in bed again.

What Morfeo mattresses are made of?

Morfeo is composed of a layer of viscoelastic, for those of us who do not know what it is, this layer is responsible for relieving the pressure of our body on the mattress, in addition to improving our blood circulation while we sleep.

The core is composed of pocket micro springs that provide us with the best adaptability and independence of beds that no other material offers. In fact, experts recommend this type of mattress especially when you sleep as a couple because it offers the best bed independence with respect to other mattresses.
Innovation is our DNA, which is why we wanted to incorporate Sanitized textiles that protect from mites, bacteria, and reduce the viral load that may come in contact with the mattress, and is certified by ISO T99-19.
Finally, our exterior materials protect against mites and bacteria, eliminating odors that can be caused by daily use. At the base of the mattress the 3D Mesh that achieves better perspiration.

Now you understand why sleeping for us is an exact science, each material is carefully chosen and designed to offer you the best rest.

Can I wash the mattress cover?

Sure, it has a zipper that you can remove from the Morfeo mattress cover to wash it.

Have I bought a pack, how will the products arrive?

The products of a pack are sent separately, the bases and canapés are transported by a specialized agency that coordinates with you the day and time of delivery. We will send you our mattresses and other products a few days before you receive your frame so that you can enjoy all of them at the same time.

How long will the mattress arrive at my house?

Our mattresses ship in 1 to 2 business days after purchase. The term for the Balearic Islands is 4 to 5 days.

If your order includes a frame for your bed it will take between 2-3 weeks, our specialized agency will contact you and agree on the delivery date.

What is the mattress return process?
If, due to a strange case, you are not satisfied with your mattress and you cannot adapt in a minimum period of 30 nights and a maximum of 100 nights, simply call us or send an email to and we will pick it up at no cost to you. We will proceed to refund within 10-15 business days after collection.
What is the return period for the rest of the products sold in the Morfeo store?
The return period of the bed furniture or bedding is 15 days from the delivery of the product.
Once received at home, what shall I do ?!
It is easier than you think, you only need to remove the mattress from the box, remove the protective plastic and leave it on a flat surface, if possible on the bed where it will be used. After 72 hours you can enjoy your first night on the mattress.
What is the maintenance of the mattress?
The materials of the Morfeo mattress are very high quality and are easily recovered, we only give you a maintenance advice so that your mattress stays in the best conditions for a longer time. Take it by the handles and rotate it (put your head on your feet and your feet to the head) every time the season of the year changes, (do not turn, since our mattress is one-sided). For the rest you will only have to enjoy it as it will be perfectly for a long time.
Can an order be modified?
Of course! Let us know as soon as possible so that it has not left the factory, quickly! Call us at 900 897 123 or write to us at and we will make your change before your products leave for your home.
Where do we ship our mattresses?
We send our mattresses to the entire peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. In addition, we also ship to many countries in the European Union, write to us if you need more information about the shipments.
Where do we manufacture our mattresses?
All our products are manufactured in Spain using high quality materials brought from other countries in the euro zone.
What is the total height and dimensions of the Mattress?
The mattress height is approximately 26cm. It must be taken into account that the total dimensions can vary between 1% and 2% due to the tolerances of the material and the different machines involved in the manufacturing process. The height is measured from the core of the mattress, the gray part, plus the white top layer.
How does the financing of my purchase work?

We give you all the facilities so that you can enjoy your best rest, with the purchase in Morfeo the first 12 months you have no interest and you can finance it for up to 36 months.

When you select the payment method, click on Postpone and there you will be able to do the simulation of installments in the months that you decide, the first 12 months are without interest. Once the months have been selected, you will need a credit or debit card and your ID to validate that you are the owner of the purchase.

What is the cost of returning the mattress from the Balearic or Canary Islands?

If, for whatever strange reason, you want to return your mattress from the Balearic or Canary Islands, we will refund the price of the entire mattress except for the shipping cost supplement.

Do you remove old furniture such as the mattress, or others frames?

Of course, in the purchase process you can request removal of the old furniture that you want to get rid of. First we will deliver the new mattress and in a few days another specialized agency will remove the old mattress.

How is the process of removing the old mattress?

First, you will receive your new Morfeo mattress and then our agency will set up with you the time fits better to withdrawal the oldest one. Keep in mind that to use your new Morfeo you have to wait 72 hours so you must arrange the withdrawal for when that deadline expires.